Humble Beginnings

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About Willow



Welcome to the Willow family

Willow Academy is all about breaking that ‘Nail Drill' stigma. It isn’t a ‘drill’, it doesn’t make holes, in fact it’s about time we started embracing this amazing bit of kit! It’s had an unfair reputation for too long, from a lack of information and misuse. It's time to hold your hand piece high with pride and give it the status it deserves. Willow is all about bringing you the goods, the information, the knowledge & the confidence to use it with pride. ‘Hand filing’ is no longer a badge of honour: it's time for a promotion.  


The Willow E-file collection

Our E-file collection is second to none, created by Lucy James, the “E-file Queen”. She brings to the table the highest quality in E-file technology and the latest must-haves.​ Willow is a brand founded by a Nail Tech that has your back. We are all about supporting Nail Techs all over the UK and globally by making sure The Willow collection is beneficial, cost effective & has a positive effect on your business. It was created due to so many E-file kits being overpriced, full of the same grade pieces and with no help or guidance included. We pride ourselves on our extensive E-file collection as well as the education to match. We have found that E-file confidence grows when a tech knows why… Why that bit? Why is it that colour? Why that shape? What’s it made from? How are they made? 

It is so important that we know all of these things.





That is why our training is jam-packed full of information (50 pages to be exact). You will learn multiple bits that suit “YOU”, not just one style that may not be your best fit. We adapt our training to suit you and the products that you use! Acrylic tech – no problem, natural nail tech – piece of cake… we’ve got this down!

You will learn about how they are made, what they are made from, coatings, the reasons for the coatings, grades, styles, shapes, different materials, recognising qualities, bit maintenance, Health and safety, using the pieces safely, safety vs non-safety, even application of use, speeds, E-file machines, RPMS, torque, hand pieces, brushless motors vs brush motors, E-file upkeep, what to look for in a machine and so much more.

We are passionate about our education standing out. We remain up to date & aim to resubmit our course for accreditation every 6-12 months. Willow students do not just get guidance on the day of training and then go off into the big wide world without any help. You will receive access to a private Academy group to keep you up to date with the latest E-file information & new releases.





The Willow Team

On top of all of this we have an amazing Willow BA Team consisting of Lauren Holmes, Isabel May, Learnah Starbuck, Charlotte Knight, Amy Rickaby, Ingrid Shields, Bethany Stockell, Kaylie Beardsall & Jemma Ball. They all upload regularly with their must-haves, tips and tricks as well as their personal promotional codes. We are extremely lucky to also have some of the most recognised and loved Nail Influencers in the industry use Willow Merch who love it, promote it and have “Willow” as an important part of their nail kit.


We couldn’t be prouder… Take a look around…


Lucy @ Willow